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For Sale/Wanted Ad Posting Guidelines

Ads are free for Redball Members in good standing. Send ad copy, possibly with a picture, via email to the Webmaster or provide hard copy at a regular meeting. Normally ads will be posted within a week of receipt. Ads will be posted until the Webmaster is notified to revise or cancel it and, if not notified, will be removed after being posted for approximately 90 days. Ads must provide a contact means - email, phone, etc. Response to an ad should be directed via the contact information and not to the Webmaster. The Webmaster reserves the right to edit ads. Redball will not be responsible for issues arising from ad transactions.

 For Sale - Picture Ads

Ads Needed - Send email to Webmaster


For Sale - Text Only Ads

 WW2 US Navy Officer Bunk Bed. Bought at I. Goldman Surplus early 50's, wood frame & springs, doesn't split into 2 singles, varnish has scrapes & dents. Webmaster, (updated 6/16)

Looking for a military vehicle? From projects to museum-quality restorations, check out:, Military vehicles located, parts & vehicle transport. Bill Peaslee, (732) 489-1012, Nextel direct-connect 172.46.14845.


Wanted - Text Only Ads


Carter carburetor in rebuildable condition for WWII Willys Jeep. Contact Mark Genowitz:

at or 908-619-7291

Bring it to the Mil Spec shop! Bob has a waste oil heater and is taking used oil from a gallon to a drum full.



Mil Spec Vehicle Restorations