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The Redball Military Transport Club is an organization of individuals (historians, vehicle preservationists and collectors) interested in collecting, restoring, displaying and enjoying antique historic military transport equipment, vehicles and mobile weaponry transport. This is done in respect and recognition of our armed services men and women, past and present, who have defended our freedom and in tribute to the military transport that played a critical role in that defense.

The club participates in parades, veteran’s events, historic displays, re-enactments and local civic events and hosts two major club events each year.

All vehicles are privately owned and maintained by members. Our vehicles represent all periods from 1941 to the present.  We have one of the largest collections of vintage WWII vehicles of any club in the Northeastern United States.


The Redball Military Transport Club  as established in 1992 with an initial membership of about 11 military vehicle enthusiasts who first met in Mountainhome, Pennsylvania.

The club takes it name from the famous WWII truck supply route, the Red Ball Express, that originated in Normandy in the fall of 1944. The redball continually re-supplied allied troops advancing swiftly across France toward the Siegfried Line in Germany. This trucking supply mission ran round-the-clock for about 90 days. During that period the Redball Express delivered over 412,000 tons of much needed supplies to the allied troops that ultimately overwhelmed the enemy.

For more information, click the link below to read the article "Driving on the Red Ball Express", by Art Van Aiken (WWII Vet & former Redball member).  You may also read about Art on our Taps page.

driving on the redball express


  • President  | Ron Gardner
  • Vice President  |  Dennis Riva
  • Secretary  |  Lisa Russo
  • Treasurer  |  Mark Genowitz / Ron Gardner
  • Events Coordinator  |  Jim Gilmore 
  • Sergeant-At-Arms  |  Bob Rubino
  • Member-At-Large  |  George Caron
  • Member-At-Large  |  Sven Johnson
  • Member-At-Large  |  Dennis Riva
  • Member-At-Large  |  William Shollenberger
  • Webmaster  |  Lisa Russo

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